Back-to-school supports for youth on campus and beyond

The new school year implies a new challenge for students. While this summer has been filled with unceasing social unrest, are youth ready to return to regular school life? How can we help?

Fully understanding that the current context in Hong Kong can create upset, particularly to younger students, who may not know how to process the scenes they are viewing or the information they are receiving, the Federation encourages schools to create with love and wisdom a safe and calm "Wellness Space". We believe that students need to be able to deal with what is happening and focus on the positive. We have therefore prepared a healing kit for distribution to schools, which consists of publications and notebooks on emotional management, and hotline and greeting cards. School talks, workshops and theatres on emotional management, bullying and media literacy will be arranged. 

We will also be providing support in the communities. A brand new Youth Wellness Chinese Medicine Scheme will be launched and the existing Youth Wellness Psychiatric Service Scheme will be optimized. Wellness consultations will be provided at the five HKFYG's Youth SPOTs. Youth facing family conflicts can find a temporary shelter at our WL Residence. Mediation services will be provided by our Parent Support Network for families in need. Certainly, the Moving Wellness Truck will continue to go round Hong Kong to provide a relaxing space. 

All of these cannot happen without the generous contribution of funders and volunteers. Call Brenda Yip, tel 3755 7101, if you would like to play a role too.

Local Primary Students succeeded in World GreenMech Contest 2019
HKFYG's Learning through Engineering, Art and Design (LEAD) Project sent 12 outstanding teams from the Hong Kong GreenMech (GM) Contest to participate in the World Contest in Taichung
Date 31 July to 3 August
Aims to enrich youngsters' knowledge about STEM and nurture their hands-on ability, problem-solving skills and team building capability
Participants 250 teams from around the world
Winning schools
● The Hong Kong & Macau Lutheran Church Primary School - Gold Medal in GMJr. Contest
● Fuk Wing Street Government Primary School - Gold Medal in GM Contest
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Enquiries Ken Hui 2561 6149
Passing the torch of hospitality: Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme 2019/20 jointly organized by Tourism Commission and HKFYG
Co-organizer Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence
Summer training precedes promotion of Hong Kong hospitality
Award and appointment ceremony 16 August 2019
Venue Auditorium, 9/F, HKFYG Building
Hon Guests included
Miss Katharine Choi, Deputy Commissioner for Tourism, Tourism Commission
Dr Allen Fung, Honorary Treasurer, HKFYG
Ms Wendy Wong, Vice-Chairman, Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence
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Enquiries Gigi Li 3586 8458

"$avvy Planner" Workshop: the life and financial planning board game first of its kind
Aim to equip youths with the essential knowledge and skills in goals setting, budgeting, saving and risk management
Target participants Students from Primary 4-6 to tertiary education, and working youths
Activities "$avvy Planner" board game; additional seminar for tertiary students and working youths 
Sponsored by HSBC Future Skills Development Project
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Enquiries Crystal Lau 3113 7999

Parent-child conflict: Youth SPOT magazine No 55 August 2019
Conflict between parents and youth causes stress and hurting relationships. It is important to communicate with each other and solve the conflict with peaceful solution.
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Read Online at
Enquiries Tiffany Lam 3755 7091

Co-Living: An Alternative Hong Kong Housing Solution for Youth?: Youth I.D.E.A.S. think tank report 44
Main findings
25.6% of respondents said they would consider living in co-living spaces for saving rental cost (61.0%) and expanding their own living space (41.1%), while 68.3% would not consider due to lack of privacy (60.6%)
● Developing co-living as one of the short-term housing solution for youth
● Implementing a co-living trial scheme
● Promoting the "community and collaboration" concept in co-living
Respondents 520 youth aged 18-30
More details in Chinese click here
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