Bringing books to life

Many famous books have been adapted for television or films, even for radio broadcast, and we've enjoyed these creative adaptations. But what about presenting your favourite book in your very own way? Now is your chance!

Supported by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR), the HKFYG Jockey Club Media 21 will organise the "The Hong Kong Reading Competition" between November 2019 and July 2020.

This unique, first of a kind, competition involves two rounds of competition at which students from P4 to S6 will be required to read aloud an excerpt of a book of their choice on video. If shortlisted, they will do a live reading in person at the Hong Kong Book Fair. To prepare for the first round, they would have had training through workshops, teaching them relevant skills so that their videos would be enriched with multimedia presentation pertaining to their chosen text.

In parallel, the Federation will also organise "The Hong Kong Creative Writing Competition", with related trainings. Again, supported by SCOLAR.

Reading, along with a little creative imagination, is a world waiting to be discovered by young people!

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The Hong Kong Reading Competition 2019-20
Goals to enhance the interest in reading and presentation skills 
Upcoming workshop 2 November 2019 
Speakers include Dr Chiu Cheung-ki, Chairman of The Association for the Promotion of Proper Cantonese Pronunciation and Mr Eric Cheng Kai-tai, DJ from Metro Radio
Target participants students from Primary 4 to Secondary 4
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Enquiries Chan Po-po 3979 0042

Youth I.D.E.A.S. think tank latest report No. 46 on 'Improving Financial Education for Young People'
Major findings
● The majority agreed that capability in managing personal finance is very important
● Yet, nearly 40% have never performed budgeting, nor recorded their expenditure; nearly half had experienced overspending
● Financial Education should be included in the Other Learning Experiences (OLE) of the New Senior Secondary Curriculum
● Preparing financially for future personal goals can be a starting point fof youth financial education
● Competencies suggested in The Hong Kong Financial Competency Framework should be prioritized and related teaching guidelines should be provided
Respondents 1,034 youth from Secondary 4 to fresh graduates
More details [in Chinese]
Enquiries Angus Choi 3755 7038

Project Uth with Reverend Kok Kwong Charitable Foundation

Aim to enhance competitiveness of youth, especially those from low income families, and equip them for the future 
Period October 2019 to February 2020
Location Tin Sui Wai
Activities include STEM training and industry exploration, as well as life skills camps for personal development, followed by community services to apply the learning
Target 102 youth aged 10-24 
Organizer HKFYG Jockey Club Tin Yiu Youth S.P.O.T.
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Enquiries Gigi Wong 2445 4868
New employment programme for start-ups hiring fresh graduates (成功在望初創承傳)
Aims to enhance the capabilities of fresh university graduates and to support start-ups to train talents, in the long run promoting entrepreneurship among youth
Supports include youth training support for the start-ups, soft skills training for their youth employees, entrepreneurship workshops, on-the-job counselling support and training subsidies
Target participants 20 fresh graduates employed and recommended by start-ups 
Organized by HKFYG Youth Employment Network
Co-organized by Cyberport
Sponsored by Prudential Hong Kong
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