Guiding Dreams

Young people planning their career paths while still in secondary schools is becoming more popular and necessary as the world grows more competitive. To enable parents to better understand this unfamiliar concept, in September, the HKFYG Youth Employment Network (YEN) has launched a new programme, "Guiding Dreams".

This programme is all about engaging parents in supporting their children to realize and pursue their dreams. Sponsored by the Youth Development Commission, the three-year programme consists of two parts. The first, Dreams with You brings parents and junior secondary school students together to discuss and talk about potential career paths. Overnight camps and career workshops will be organised to help parents become their children's guides, supporter and cheer-leaders based on their own knowledge, experiences and network. The second, Dreams Come True, focuses more on senior secondary students. In the form of an award scheme, students will take part in different activities, exploring their dreams and attempting to realize them step by step. They will then have to put into action their plans over the summer holidays, and present their achievements to a judging panel.  It is expected that over 4,000 students and 700 parents will benefit from the programme.

Join in this career progression path for young people and see how you too can guide dreams!

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Dream with You
Dreams Come True
Enquiries Crystal Lau 3113 7999

Flag your Calendar for Federation Flag Day
22 February 2020 (Sat)

Gearing up for a BIG DAY OUT to mark HKFYG's 60th anniversary year
Proceeds will help strengthen support for emotionally distressed young people and enhance their emotional management skills. 
Ways to support 
-    Flag sellers corporate team, parent-child and any individuals aged 14 or above
-    Donations via online platform, circulation of flag bags in offices or donation boxes at store outlets
-    Publicity and other in-kind supports are also welcome
Recognition Certificate of appreciation, full acknowledgement on Flag Day website and publicity materials when applicable
More details and enrolment
Enquiries Chelsea Lee 3755 7102

Join us now to facilitate youth employment via the Dream Support Scheme
Goals encourage corporates to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility by assisting the youths in understanding the world of work, promoting life and career planning, and in the long run nurturing future leaders
Donation HK$3,000 or above to support related life planning activities and programmes
Other ways to support company visits, staff sharing, job shadowing, and internship opportunities 
Recognition through annual ceremony, Caring Company logo nomination and more
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Enquiries Lau Ka-yu 3113 7999

A.I. Future Tense with HSBC Future Skills Development Project
Goal participants from all academic backgrounds will strengthen their InnoTech knowledge and skills and enhance their employability
Activities include Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) skills-up workshops and self-directed online learning, InnoTech job experience & placement at start-ups, and InnoTech solutions pitching team challenge 
Targets Full-time students at Hong Kong tertiary institutions 
Date September - December 2019
Sponsorship HK$800 each for 500 participants of self-directed online learning
Cash prizes HK$160,000 in total to winners of InnoTech Solutions Pitching 
More details
Enquiries Kevin Chong 2561 6149

Bullying: From Physical to Digital: Youth Hong Kong magazine No 11.3 September 2019
Understand and analyze the evolved form of bullying through interviews with professionals and people who have been bullied, and assess what is being done and what should be done to tackle this critical issue
Online now
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