Non-stop care and support

The daily lives of many Hong Kong people have become increasingly challenging recently. This is also true for students, who due to the novel coronavirus, are unable to go to schools until mid March the latest. How can we support them in this difficult period?

The Federation believes it is important to provide other platforms to support youth and help them learn and develop in such a special period. Thus, we have launched a series of projects to cater for the academic, emotional, health and social needs of young people. has recruited 30 volunteers to provide free online tuition for primary and junior secondary school students. The online TV channel of M21 will broadcast interactive leaning and leisure programmes such as STEM Friday which introduces creative science and technology, and BADtime stories which shares positive values. Similarly, the HKFYG Leadership Institute is producing an online video series Learn to LEAD with its alumni and guests from different sectors. Moreover, the Wellness Mind Centre has prepared a Social Wellness Pack online to encourage youth to maintain emotional health, and the Moving Wellness truck will go round the city in these two weeks to bring them the wellness message. Certainly, hotline and online counselling support is always available.

Youth are not only service recipients but they are also a strong force to serve others. Youth volunteers of the NEIGHBOURHOOD First Project have been mobilised to reach out to the singleton elderly, DSE students and others in need in the communities, calling them on the phone to show care or to provide material support. Thanks to generous donors, we have distributed much needed resources such as masks and sanitisers to disadvantaged groups. Last but not least, youth performers will take part in the Non-stop Busking activity on social media, adding colours to the city. 

This is undoubtedly a time of challenge, but it is also a time for us to help each other. Eventually, we will find the city and the people more calm and happier than ever.

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DSE Exam Guide 2020
"Star Tutors" to provide Exam Guide that encapsulate the essence of each subject to help DSE students ace the exam
Available guides include Chinese Language by Winter Lau, English Language by Calvin Sun, Chemistry by Samuel Chong, Physics by Wayne Leung and Business, Accounting and Financial Studies by Andy Yeung
Guides on other subjects coming soon 
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Enquiries Hsu Siu-man 2777 1112
#Future Ready with Microsoft Hong Kong
Aim to enhance the social competitiveness of the disadvantaged people in the AI generation
Activities include free-of-charge workshops and self-learning platform for instructors and teachers (train-the-trainer), who in the second phase of the project provide 30-hour training on general digital skills, Microsoft Office 365, Power BI and career planning for the disadvantaged
Other partners include WebOrganic, Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association, Hong Kong Employment Development Service, TWGHs Ho Yuk Ching Educational Psychology Service Centre, SAHK
Enquiries Cheung Chi-wai 3113 7999