The Hidden Face of Drug Addiction

A recent report by The Action Committee Against Narcotics (ACAN) highlighted the increasing number of drug abusers among working youth*. Maintaining a professional veneer, they are not always easy to identify or locate.

However, once located, the HKFYG Youth Crime Prevention Centre (YCPC) has been assisting drug abusing working youth to break their habits, manage their abstinence, rebuild their lives and reintegrate more fully into society.  With support from the Beat Drugs Fund, the YCPC will initiate the three year Project SEToff II from December 2019, a sequel to a similarly titled programme from two years ago.  This version will target young people aged from 16 to 35 at their places of work or online and provide them with health assessments, positive life development goals, career counselling and family support networks. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based relapse prevention treatments and referrals to partnering clinical psychologists and medical officers will also be available. 

Project SEToff II is one of three anti-drug programmes launched this year. Project CHOICE, a community-based educational campaign tackles cannabis use and Healthy Transition is a programme for substance abusers with mental health issues. 

All these different approaches share a common goal: a healthy drug-free life for young people in Hong Kong.

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Graduation ceremony of the NEIGHBOURHOOD·uKitchen project
Community Kitchens in 9 HKFYG's Youth SPOTs have brought the community together through food sharing. Certificate of appreciation will be awarded in appreciation of the young participants and the chefs
Date & time 30 November 2019 2:45pm
Venue 25/F HKFYG Building
Partners Social Welfare Department, Food and Beverage Group and
Lee Kum Kee
Co-organizers 9 Youth SPOTs in Heng Fa Chuen, Shaukiwan, Wang Tau Hom, Ping Shek, LOHAS, Cheung Wah, Kwai Fong, Kin Sang and Hung Shui Kiu 
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Enquiries Monica Mok 3755 7076

"Precious Things in Life" Film Production Scheme
Aims to promote positive attitudes among youths and encourage them to show their care to loved ones
Activities include life education workshops and film-making training course, leading to the production of a series of four short life education films for screening in schools
Period November 2019 to November 2020
Target participants 80 young people
Funded by The Board of Management of The Chinese Permanent Cemeteries
Organizer HKFYG Jockey Club Kwai Fong Youth SPOT
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Enquiries Kenny Pang 2423 1366

National University of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew School Scholarship with HKFYG Leadership Institute
Goals To nurture leaders in public service through partnership & scholarships
Full-time masters' degrees
2-year Public Policy
1-year Public Administration
Application deadline 16 December 2019
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Enquiries Eva Wong 2169 0255

Soulmate Café: a radio drama on media and creative industries
Activities Youth are equipped with formal script writing and speaking skills to produce the radio programme which consists of a lead-in drama and guest interview in each episode
Broadcast on Every Tuesday between
7 October 2019 and 5 January 2020,
Funded by Community Involvement Broadcasting Service (CIBS), Radio Television Hong Kong
Produced by HKFYG Jockey Club Tin Yuet Youth SPOT
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