One more step towards equal learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted academic learning for nearly everyone. While disadvantaged students have less resources to cope with the challenges, there are helping hands ready to make things better.

After the well-received free bandwidth and Zoom classrooms funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, we are so happy for the sponsorship and support of and INCO Education Accelerator for the newly launched Academic Support for eLearning at Home Scheme.

This Scheme gives learners the opportunity to put their academic questions to qualified university instructors on a one-to-one basis. The multinational online platform, Snapask, is supported by image recognition technology and machine learning algorithms, making learning so much more interesting! From late July to 31 October, each registered student of the Scheme can ask 30 questions for free, and a total of 4,000 primary and secondary school students from low-income families are expected to benefit.

The Scheme is also supported by the Association of I.T. Leaders in Education (AiTLE), FlippEducators@HK, and Hong Kong Association of Careers Masters and Guidance Masters (HKACMGM).

But apart from learning, we also know that the Pandemic is having an impact on the emotions and well being of young people and their parents. We remind everyone that our online counselling platforms, uTouch, Open Up and Parent Support Network, are here. Reach out and give us a call!

There are helping hands all around - and there is no better time to find them than now.

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Enquiries Brenda Yip 3755 7101

Sharing Love - in support of the 'Fly High with Us' Young Savers Project
Aim To encourage the public to donate either in full or part of the cash payout received from the HKSAR government in support of 'Fly High with Us', which encourages young people to save and then provides them matching funds, giving them the opportunity to not only learn the benefits of financial planning, but also to use the money for their own personal development
Beneficiaries 115 disadvantaged youth aged 10-16
Suggested donation $2,400/$4,800 to match with the saving of a youth over 12 or 24 months; any other amounts are also welcome
Further support may include corporate matching gifts according to employee's givings
Online donation
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Enquiries Chelsea Lee 3755 7102

Address mental health issues with Facebook #HearForYou Campaign
Objective to provide a one-stop online resources hub to support people in need
Resources include 
●  Health and wellness resources
●  Online assessment developed by the HKU's Department of Psychiatry, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine for people to understand their personal mental health status
●  Immediate support for those in need on Messenger Bot offered by the HKFYG and Caritas co-developed with Facebook
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Enquiries Hsu Siu-man 3755 7083

Facilitating Young People's Access to Financial Services through Virtual Banking: Youth I.D.E.A.S. think tank report No. 51
Key findings 
●  73.0% of the respondents have heard about "virtual bank"
●  Most respondents thought that the greatest benefit of virtual banking is "fast" (63.6%), followed by "24-hour service" (35.0%) and "unrestricted by location" (24.6%)
●  There were worries about internet security (53.1%) and privacy protection (48.6%)
●  In-depth interviews with young business operators showed that they think virtual banks may not be able to provide comprehensive service which may affect daily operations
●  The authorities should enhance public confidence in internet security and strengthen public education on personal privacy protection
●  Virtual banks should provide trial discounts to encourage business use 
Respondents 525 young people aged 18-39
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HKDSE candidates stress report before the result release on 22 July
Key findings 
●  Nearly 52% returned a stress reading of seven or above out of 10 - the highest since DSE was introduced in 2012
●  Main obstacles to performance included self-expectations (60.4%), a lack of academic support due to the COVID-19 pandemic (51.1%), social atmosphere (47.8%), and study progress disrupted by class suspensions (45.7%)
●  More students than in the past considered studying overseas (25.1%) or taking the DSE again (28.3%) if they were not admitted to their preferred local institution
Respondents 538 DSE candidates
HKFYG's supports for the candidates include a guide to career and further studies; a live show on 18 July to give encouragement; and extended hotline and online counselling services of DSE 27771112 and between
20-24 July 
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Enquiries Ken Hui 2788 3433