Delivering food packs to the needy

Along with the resurgence of the coronavirus, dining out has been curtailed, leaving many, especially the aged, who are unable to cook or buy meals, in a precarious position.  The Federation is here to help!.

Due to frailty or illness or living circumstances, many elderly people, most particularly those living alone or as a couple, have been used to dining out in neighbourhood restaurants everyday. Now, with these new measures in place to contain the pandemic, the elderly find themselves cut off from social contacts with their friends and very often unable to use takeaway, delivery apps due to unfamiliarity. All this leaves them very vulnerable.

Therefore, the HKFYG NEIGHBOURHOOD First Project has initiated an immediate response to this community need by introducing the "Neighbour-Food Delivery" Project. The Project has two aims: to deliver readymade food packs to the elderly and families in need, while also mobilising youth volunteers to show their care and concern through telephone or video calls as they assess the needs of service recipients.

So far our fund raising efforts have been overwhelming and we are humbled by the community's response. For just $250, we can provide seven food packages and one soup pack for one person for a week. Until now, we have raised enough to support 200 people for a month.

However, the need is greater than this and we urgently need your help to continue this Project and reach out to those who really do depend on receiving these food packages. Please do consider making a donation and helping our neighbours who require our help and assistance during the pandemic.

More details and online donation
Enquiries Winky Ang 2623 3121

Global Youth Science and Technology Bowl 2020
Goals Despite the pandemic, the event aims to provide an online platform for global youth to develop their creativity and scientific mindsets, showcase their achievement and innovation, and facilitate exchange among young scientists all over the world
Period 1 September 2019 - 31 January 2021, final judging on 1 August 2020 
Categories Invention and investigation related to Biology and Chemistry or Physics and Engineering
Participants 122 teams of Form 1 - 6 (or equivalent) students aged 19 or below from 22 countries/regions enrolled, 92 teams where shortlisted for the finals
Congratulations on Hong Kong teams which won two grand prizes, the Gold Award and the Bronze Award! 
Funded by Innovation and Technology Commission
More details
Enquiries Wendy Leung 25616149

Sir David Trench Fund for Recreation supports HKFYG's non-capital works projects
Funds are granted to purchase equipment of interesting new sports such as M
ölkky, Roundnet, Floor Curling and Flyball
Organizers HKFYG's Youth S.P.O.Ts in Kwai Fong, Hung Hom, LOHAS and Shaukiwan
Enquiries Chelsea Lee 3755 7102

The HKFYG works with the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education to instil civic values in youth
Aim to promote the core civic values of respect & inclusiveness, responsibility and love
Activities include volunteering, arts and photography workshops, exhibition and more
Date till March 2021
Organizers HKFYG Youth Crime Prevention Centre - Extended Services for Young Night Drifters, Hung Shui Kiu Youth S.P.O.T. and Jockey Club Verbena Youth S.P.O.T.
Enquiries Chelsea Lee 3755 7102

Enhancing Support for e-Learning in Schools: Youth I.D.E.A.S. think tank report No. 50
Key findings 
●  For student respondents, average hours of using e-Learning increased from 1.88 hours on normal school days to 4.72 hours during class suspension 
●  The biggest challenge the students faced is the lack of learning atmosphere (60.4%), followed by difficulties in concentration (56.7%) and affected learning effectiveness (46.8%)
●  29.5% of the school respondents agreed that teachers have difficulties in using e-learning tools for teaching
●  The Education Bureau is suggested to plan on The Fifth Strategy on IT in Education (ITE5); reduce teachers' lesson period to allow more time for training; and add IT coordinator post in schools
●  Schools can use e-learning platform to enhance communication with students and analyze students' learning data
Respondents 1,039 secondary schools students aged 12-19 and 122 secondary schools
More details and recommendations
Enquiries Vivian Yeung 3755 7038