Always with YOUth

The pandemic has caused a disruption to all our lives in so many ways. Many events - some of them eagerly awaited - have had to be cancelled or postponed. This was what happened to The HKFYG Hong Kong International a cappella Festival. This much anticipated annual event is always one of great joy and fun, as the community appreciates the talents of amazing a cappella singers from Hong Kong and around the world, while also having the opportunity to sing along. But wait …

We are not giving up! If the Festival can't come to you in the traditional way, we will bring it to you differently.  We all know that music is about optimism and encouragement, so allow us to present the "Always with YOUth" a cappella Online Charity Concert on Monday 21 September 2020 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. (Hong Kong time).

You will have the wonderful opportunity to watch for free from the comfort of your own homes and hear the amazing voices of Maytree from South Korea, OMMM from France, CoffeetimeBand from Russia, Acapellago from the Philippines, and our homegrown Groundbreaker@HKMM. All donations will go to support the Federation to provide youth of Hong Kong with all-round development opportunities.

So, let's get ready to sing and dance, appreciate the music of others and find joy and hope together!

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Love in Neighbourhood Project - Neighbour-Food Delivery
Heartfelt thanks to all donors and partners who made it happen! 
Aims To deliver readymade food packs to the elderly and families in need during the pandemic, while also mobilising youth to show their care through telephone or video calls  
Period August to September 2020 
Beneficiaries over 750 elderly up to the end of August 
Volunteers over 450 youth  
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Enquiries Winky Ang 2623 3121 

M+M21 Chat it Up on Creativity

Goals To combat fears, helplessness and stress, and instill hope, care and humour in young audience's life in times of changes and uncertainties arose from COVID-19
Synopsis Creative talents from different disciplines are invited to talk about their ways of facing daily life challenges and situations, so as to bring out creativity as a way of problem solving
Period September 2020 to January 2021
Co-presented by M21 and M+
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Passing the torch of hospitality: Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme 2020/21 
Goals To nurture young people as ambassadors to promote Hong Kong's hospitable culture and diverse tourism appeal to visitors 
Activities include advanced training to enhance service skills; greeting visitors at popular HK tourist spots; promoting HK's festivities in mega tourism events; and recruiting secondary school students to join a "YA Buddy" Programme 
Online ceremony witnessed the appointment of 300 Young Ambassadors (YA) on 29 August 2020 
Honourable guests included  
●  Mr Wong Chi-cho, JP, Commissioner for Tourism 
●  Mr Ho Wing-cheong, Executive Director of the HKFYG 
●  Dr Pang Yiu-kai, GBS JP, Chairman of Hong Kong Tourism Board 
Organizers HKFYG and Tourism Commission 
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Innovation and Technology Scholarship 2020: Results Announced!

Goal To give recognition and provide elite training opportunities to outstanding innovation and technology (I&T) undergraduates of Hong Kong 
Awardees include 25 non-final year undergraduates in Sciences, Engineering, Technology or Medicine & Health professions at Hong Kong universities  
Activities This Scholarship offers up to HK$150,000 to each of the awardees as well as opportunities to take part in attachments overseas and on the Mainland, local internship programmes, mentorship schemes and service projects, enabling them to explore their I&T potentials through learning and experience.  
Sponsored and supported by Innovation and Technology Commission & HSBC 
Organizer HKFYG Creative Education Unit  
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Youth I.D.E.A.S. think tank latest report No. 53 on Improving Operations of Advisory Bodies to Better Facilitate Youth Engagement
●  72.9% of survey respondents believed that youth could bring changes through participation
●  27.1% expressed interests in nominating themselves as members for certain advisory committees of the government
●  They gave an average score of 5.55, 5.52 and 5.28 out of 10 regarding the performance of the advisory committees in enhancing the legitimacy of policy, collecting professional views, and encouraging public participation
●  Some current young members in various advisory bodies were interviewed and they were uncertain if they could keep on allocating time to serve on these bodies in near future; some mentioned that these bodies rarely promoted their work to the public

●  Review the roles and functions of advisory bodies
●  Take measures to facilitate youth engagement in these bodies and establish a supporting platform for these bodies' young members 
Survey with 524 respondents aged 18 - 35 between 4 - 8 July 2020
Parallel individual case interview with 18 youth between 10 June - 26 July 2020 
Responsible group Governance 
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Enquiries Sharon Cheung 3755 7039