In this chaotic world: Wellness and Healing

Recent studies have shown that practices of mindfulness are beneficial in improving one's emotional management skills as well as reducing level of depression and anxiety.  According to the HKFYG Wellness Mind Centre's research in late 2019*, 50% of youth who sought help on issues relating to ongoing social unrest, have been beset with various levels of depression, while others expressed a loss of  motivation to pursue future aspiration. Now, with the seemingly never-ending challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, wellbeing in young people is becoming more urgent.

At the beginning of the new academic year, 2020/21, and with support from strategic partner and sponsor, the Lee Hysan Foundation, the Federation's School Social Work Unit launched the "Mind Healing Programme", which adopts the concept of wellness and practice of mindfulness. The purpose is to nurture young people's self-awareness, equip them with different means of expressing emotions and also assisting them to manage their emotional needs.

The one-year programme offers an array of activities for the young participants, including, mind healing workshops and retreats. In particular, the retreats will provide participants with the unique opportunity to leaving their busy school day, lessons, homework and activities behind for a while, to become immersed in healing mindfulness practices in nature.

We understand the importance of strengthening the support circle for youth, so the programme will also organize wellness workshops for teachers and parents as well, and will include capacity-building workshops for youth work practitioners. Join us, and let's work together to heal the young souls.

Enquiries Law Wing-yan or Emilie Hung 2395 0161

* Chinese press release of the research findings, 7 November 2019

Healthy Comic Strip Contest raises awareness of violence and obscenity
Goal To encourage youngsters to stay away from obscene and indecent materials
Divisions Primary school (Individual and Group Competition), Secondary school (Individual and Group Competition) and Open
Cash prizes Up to HK$3,000
Funded and co-organized with HKFYG by the Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration
All competitions will be completed by 31 October 2020 (Saturday)
More details
Enquiries Gladys Chu 3979 0021

Neighbourhood First ‧ uKitchen
Goals To help youth enhance skills and interest in cooking and serve the needy with delicious food, and to establish rapport among the neighbours by fostering care and promoting a better use of surplus fresh vegetables and meat
Period October 2020 - March 2021
Activities include cooking classes provided to the youth participants, who are then responsible for organizing lunch gathering for the needy in the communities
Supported by Hope as Chef Foundation
Participants 300 youth aged 15-24 and 30 volunteer chefs
Organizers 21 HKFYG Youth SPOTs
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Enquiries Monica Mok 3755 7072

Enrol for the HK Electric Happy Green Campaign x LEAD Smart City STEAM Workshops
Goal To promote energy efficiency, renewable energy and low-carbon lifestyle among the public, in particular the younger generations
Activities Each school can apply for a free LEAD workshop of either (1) Smart Living - DIY smart night light; or (2) Smart Environment - IoT smart planting system, in which students will gain hands-on experience in coding and creating smart device 
Target participants P.4 - S.6 Students 
Period Academic year 2020/21
More details and enrolment
Enquiries Ken Li 2561 6149

Support us to enhance the services of "Easy Volunteer, Easy Tutoring" 
Background The well-received programme has been launched in mid-February 2020 to provide practical, real-time online academic support to students during school suspension in the COVID-19 pandemic, and has not ceased its service due to the ongoing demands
Services include free-of-charge online homework consultation and online DSE drilling classes
Goal To raise funds for the development and maintenance of the online platform, and to provide all-rounded training for 200 volunteer tutors
Target beneficiaries 2,000 primary and secondary school students
More details
Enquiries Cinder Sin 3755 7220