Be smart and live healthy!

According to Government's surveys, there have been increasing trends in both alcohol consumption and the use of e-cigarettes in Hong Kong among adults and youth alike. In particular, the use rate of e-cigarettes among young smokers aged 15-19 (15.8%) was found significantly higher than that of smokers aged 30 years or above*.

Many young people seek comfort, sensation and peer recognition through binge drinking and e-cigarettes, but they simply do not realise the damage that both drinking and smoking can have on themselves, their families and communities, causing both acute and chronic physical health and mental problems.

Funded by the Tin Ka Ping Foundation, the HKFYG Youth Crime Prevention Centre has launched a two-year project, Be Smart Youth - Youth Healthy Living Plan to address the problem through prevention and reduction. Aimed at students from primary to tertiary levels, the focus will be on providing a fuller understanding of the ill effects of drinking and smoking, coupled with tools to assist with self control and refusal. Instead, a positive lifestyle will be advocated through educational videos, district-based and school-based exhibitions, as well as talks. For those at a higher risk, professional counselling and support services will be provided. Help will also be available to parents, teachers and social workers so that they might better understand the serious impacts of drinking and smoking, equipping them to be able to handle the situation.

Please join us to share the message: A healthy lifestyle is really all that matters; for everyone!

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* Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office. "Electronic cigarette (e-cigarette)." Accessed 11 Nov 2020.

HSBC Future Skills Development Project - HSBC Financial Dialogue Series 2020
Theme Embracing a Disruptive Era in Finance
Aims To help university students grasp the latest global financial technology trends and navigate the future of banking and financial services after COVID-19, enhance their employability and provide them with guidance in working in the financial industry ethically and responsibly 
Activities include In-depth Dialogue Sessions with renowned financial leaders, intensive Skills Labs and the Financial Innovation Challenge Competition  
Some of the speakers include
● The Hon Christopher Hui, JC, Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury
● Mr Peter Yan, CEO of Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Ltd
● Mr Stephen Wong, Convenor, Human Capital Committee, Hong Kong Financial Services Development Council
Period November 2020 - February 2021
Target participants 300 non-final year full-time business undergraduates
Application deadline 13 November 2020 (Friday)
Organized by The HKFYG Leadership Institute
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Enquiries Eva Wong 2169 0255

Play green, eat green and live green with ECF Green Evolution
Goals To increase youths' awareness of environmental protection, encourage youth engagement in environmentally-friendly behaviour, and cultivate green living in the community
Activities include Wild camp, forest bathing, wild orientation and upcycling workshops
Period October 2020 - September 2021
Target participants Children and youths aged 6-24
Funded by Environmental Campaign Committee and Environment and Conservation Fund 
Organized by The HKFYG Jockey Club Ping Shek Youth S.P.O.T.
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Enquiries Jeff Lai / Siu-yin Or 2325 2383


HKFYG Organic Farm awarded Top Organic Retailer
Awarded by The Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre 
Featuring produces which are completely natural, no chemicals or genetic modification and carrying the US Department of Agriculture organic seal
Welcome to visit us, purchase the produces and take part in our green activities 
Find us at No. 1 Family Walk, Ho Pui Reservoir, Yuen Long
More details about the farm and online order
Enquiries Izzi Pang 2838 4808

Support and have fun in the HKFYG's first ever Charity Golf Tournament
Goals To raise funds for the Federation's sports programmes for disadvantaged youth in Hong Kong
Date & time 11:30am-8:30pm on
5 February 2021 (Friday) (Shotgun tee-off at 1pm)
Game format Double Peoria Handicap Stroke Play
Ways to support
● Be a Diamond Patron (HK$88,000); Gold Patron (HK$58,000); Team Patron (HK$28,000 for 4 persons); Individual Patron (HK$3,800) (18 holes green fee, golf cart, buffet lunch and buffet dinner inclusive)
● Sponsor trophies, photography & video shooting, printing, backdrop, attire, advertisements and other In-kinds
In association with The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club
Enrollment deadline 31 December 2020
For more details please refer to the event leaflet or website
Enquiries Brenda Yip 3755 7101

Together We Love and Care
Goals To cater for the mental, health and social needs of the youths and the public, motivating them to keep a positive attitude and continue spreading love and supporting each other
Online and offline programmes include
Seasons of Love@M21: featuring various leisure programmes from wellness travel to ASMR experiences 
Healing Tuesday: a series of mindful activities will be organized online to help reduce stress and anxiety anytime, anywhere
Sport-cation: Wellness Buddy will be recruited to participate in sports volunteering
Neighbour - Buy and Delivery: youth volunteers will help needy seniors, chronic patients and the disabled in the neighbourhoods to shop for basic commodities and arrange home delivery, minimizing their risk of virus infection
The HKFYG Innovation for Social Impact Project: youth aged 18-35 will be invited to propose innovative projects which can create social value and share returns; selected ones will be provided with funding and other supports
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Opportunities for Youth Employment Amid the Pandemic: Youth I.D.E.A.S. think tank report No. 54
Key findings
● 55.0% of the respondents have encountered employment problems such as "failed to find jobs" (22.0%), "reduced working hours" (17.8%), "had been put on furlough" (17.5%) and "took a pay cut" (13.7%)
● 39.7% thought the post-pandemic situation could be worse than before
● 55.6% said they did not know which occupations they should switch to, whereas 53.3% said they lacked the knowledge and skills
● In-depth interviews showed that informal workers and those lacking full-time work experience are the most hard-hit groups
● An employee training scheme in which the programmes would be proposed by the business sector according to their demand for specific manpower 
● A trainee programme for university graduates
Respondents 600 youth aged 18-34 who have left school
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Enquiries Amy Yuen 3755 7037