The Best Time for Ice cream is Always

Who will argue with that? In what might very well be a Hong Kong first, the Federation, with the support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, has launched InnoPower@JC: Ice-cream Healing Hub! What? Why?

Ice-cream is non-judgmental and is almost universally enjoyed by everyone, and is often experienced as something that can lift the mood. The Hub, under InnoPower@JC: Fellowship for Social Workers Programme, is to serve those families in which members have been diagnosed with various forms of mood and emotional disorders. 

In the Hub, ice-cream will be available in different flavours, each representing different emotions. Those who come will be encouraged to choose a flavour which best represents the emotion they'd like to achieve that day.

Coupled with a more serious multidisciplinary approach, using an early prevention and intervention model, we will work with clinics and hospitals for case referrals. A psychiatric team for conducting medical assessments and case support will also be available, as will a trained group of young community supporters who can provide assistance for the families. 

The Hub's purpose is to identify intergenerational transmissions of mood disorders and to provide necessary treatment. This will be carried out by a 4R service model which refers to Release, Resilient, Reconnect and Refine and encourages participants, both parents and children, to learn better ways to reduce emotional distress and strengthen parent-children relationships through playgroups and workshops. Academic support and developmental activities will also be provided to the children to ease the day-to-day burden of participating parents.

Ice-cream is really used as a 'prop' to release tension, change the mood and heal relationships. Initially, 40 families will join in these healing activities, where the ice-cream is free and where the senses of sight, taste and smell are used for good!

Support this wonderful and unique initiative. As the saying goes, "The best time for ice cream is always."

Organized by HKFYG Tseung Kwan O Youth S.P.O.T
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Enquiries Winky Ang 2623 3121

Power-up with Youth Workplace Training Programme
Aims at providing pre-employment training and work placement opportunities at various HKFYG Youth S.P.O.Ts for young people during last summer vacation
Activities included mock formal job interviews, SCMP main office visit and sharing from the SCMP employees
Targeted 200 young people
Partnered with South China Morning Post
Organized by various HKFYG Youth S.P.O.Ts
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Enquiries Vicky Kwong 3755 7067

Build a Smart City at Happy Green Workshops
Aims at offering free STEM workshops for the primary and secondary students to learn about energy efficiency and low carbon living style
●  Creating smart light by micro:bit
(for primary and secondary students)
●  Building an Internet of Things (IoT) gardening system (for secondary students)
Funded by HK Electric
Organized by HKFYG Creative Education Unit
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Enquiries Ken Li 2561 6149

Moonbeam Project: Co-create a Happier Community
Aims at raising fund to serve the families in need through food drive during Mid-autumn Festival and reconnect the neighbours in Sheung Wan
Activities include lantern charity sale, game booths and volunteer home visit to the elderly
Date 10-21 September 2021
Time 11am - 3pm
Venue Infinitus Plaza G/F Atrium
Co-organized by HKFYG NEIGHBOURHOOD First project and Infinitus Plaza
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Enquiries Polly Leung 2698 5565

The Little Peace in Wan Chai: Wellness SPOT
Aims at providing job opportunities for the unemployed youth and promoting the message of mental wellness through community events in Wan Chai district
Including free relaxation and stress relief workshops, wellness market and special events to spice up the lunch breaks in the busy business area
Targeting unemployed youth aged between 20-29 to be wellness tutors and welcome all members of the public to join the activities
Period September 2021- August 2022
Funded by HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme
Organized by HKFYG PH3
Co-organize with The Dragon Foundation
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Enquiries Lok Choi 5933 6323