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Volunteering is an expression of showing care and concern by serving those in the community. The Federation has long been encouraging young people to volunteer, but understands that motivation is enhanced through recognition. It is therefore, the HKFYG "Easy Volunteer" Recognition Scheme was launched.

The Scheme, newly introduced by the Federation, sets up a systematic network to recognize an individual or group who volunteer. The Scheme will acknowledge the continuous involvement of the volunteers who serve the community for more than 50 hours for the Individual Volunteer Awards or 300 hours for the Organization Volunteer Awards on yearly basis. There is also a Continuous Service Award and an Outstanding Thematic Volunteer Award for Sustainability/ Online/ Wellness/ Sports Services to recognize individual volunteers and which are related to the specific themes.

The Federation has been working with different schools, corporates and organizations, promoting cross-sector volunteering in order to create a more inclusive society. Over the years, there have been activities, including regular home visits to the elderly and food drives through NEIGHBOURHOOD First; and volunteering for environmental protection as well as marine conservation. Other than that, and Easy Volunteer, Easy Tutoring will operate all year round. 

We encourage individuals and groups from all walks of life to be our volunteers. Do something special for the community and be recognized for your efforts.  

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Experiential Learning at Organic Farm: ESG Pioneer- Farm-to-Community Project
Aims to promote the concept of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) through diversified learning experience in organic farm and social servicing in the community
Activities include experiential farming workshops, interactive exhibition booths in different districts and a closing ceremony
Target primary and secondary students 
Period September to December 2021
Funded by The Hong Kong Association of Banks
Organized by HKFYG Sustainability Unit and Organic Farm
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Get a Ride with Leaders to Leaders 2021: Ding Ding Dialogue- Travelling Towards A Sustainable Community
Aims to empower youth with a better understanding of local history and culture, igniting them to take actual actions to create positive social impact locally and globally
Activities include workshop, sharing with guest speakers and guided tour by riding on the world's largest double-deck tram fleet
Topics cover Architecture and History, Film, Social Innovation and Urban Wellness
Date 16 & 17 October 2021
Target Senior secondary school students to working youth
Application deadline 8 October 2021
Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust
Organized by The HKFYG Leadership Institute
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Unleashing the Potential of Local Entertainment Industry: Youth I.D.E.A.S. think tank report No. 64
Key findings
●  Respondents rated the statement "local entertainment production can best represent Hong Kong's culture" at an average score of 6.23 out of 10
●  Respondents rated the statement "local entertainment production enhances self-identity as a Hongkonger" at an average score of 6.01 out of 10
●  14.1% of the respondents were interested in joining the entertainment production industry
●  In respondents' perception, "creative talent is abundant" was the key advantage of the local entertainment industry (33.0%) while the industry was "held back because of lacking of government support" (31.0%)
●  An industry expert expressed his concern on the amendments on the film censorship law which could stifle creative expression
●  Set up a cultural bureau and execute a blueprint for the entertainment industry's development
●  Address the industry's concerns and explain the amendment bill thoroughly to boost investors' confidence
Respondents 816 Hong Kong residents aged 15-65
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Back to School, How Does it Feel? :Youth Hong Kong magazine No 13.3 September 2021
In this issue, students of different ages, teachers and parents will share their experiences and thoughts on overcoming the hurdles in the new academic year
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