Have a Merry Tai O Christmas!

With Christmas just around the corner and with travel overseas somewhat curtailed, come to Tai O for a very unique celebration.

From 24 to 27 December, visitors to Tai O can take a traditional sampan ride, and enjoy an experiential exhibition featuring the building of an imitation stilt house. Other exhibitions showcase the intangible cultural heritage of local events in celebration of traditional festivals, while selected young couples will even perform a mock-water wedding. To top everything off, there will also be a river parade on the 26th featuring Dragon Boats, Lunar New Year Lion Heads, Mid-Autumn Festival Lanterns, among others.
You can also see the creativity of 70 design students who have redesigned the logos, menus, uniforms and interiors of ten local stores, highlighting each store's unique story. Best of all, volunteers from our Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme will act as your guides to the local history in enabling you to discover this unique fishing village.
All this is part of The Hong Kong Tourism Board's 'Pilot Scheme for Characteristic Local Tourism Events', which supports the Federation's "Tai O Let's Go!" Tai O Cultural Festival 2021. Apart from celebrating the local customs and folklore of Tai O, visitors will also be introduced to local industries, food and handicrafts.
So, come and join us. And have a Merry Tai O Christmas!
Supported by Tourism Commission; Hong Kong Tourism Board
Co-partner Tai O Cultural Association
Sponsors MTR Corporation, Glow Makeup Academy
Participators Tai O Rural Committee, Tai O Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong Interior Design  Association, Hong Kong Cruise and Yacht Industry Association, 360 Holiday Limited, Lantau Tours Limited
Organizer HKFYG Cultural Services Unit
More details taioletsgo.hk
Enquiries Michelle Ho 2395 5753

Hong Kong Reading Competition 2021-2022
Aims to promote reading fun with new media and enhance the presentation skills of the students
Activities include comprehension and presentation skills trainings, sound editing and audio mixing workshops and competitions
Target primary (P4-P6) and
secondary (S1-S4) students
Period September 2021 to
August 2022
Funder The Standing Committee on Language Education and Research
Organizer HKFYG Jockey Club
Media 21
More details click here
Enquiries Karina Chan 3979 0000

ECF - Green Blossoms Action @ Tin Shui Wai
Aims to enhance the environmental wellness of the youth and the community
Activities include leave-no-trace hiking, terrarium making, plant giving, wall-printing and bazaar 
Target youth and residents in
Tin Shui Wai
Period December 2021 to March 2022
Funder Environment and
Conservation Fund
Organizer HKYFG Jockey Club Tin Yuet Youth SPOT
More details tyt.hkfyg.org.hk
Enquiries Luk Hiu-tung 2445 5777

Apply Now! Innovation and Technology Scholarship 2022
Aim to help young people explore their I&T potentials for pursuing a career in the field and contributing to Hong Kong's I&T development, reinforcing the city's status as an international
I&T hub
Target local undergraduates
Undertaking Science, Engineering, Healthcare, FinTech, Information Systems or other Innovation and Technology-related studies
25 Awardees will each receive a scholarship up to HK$150,000
Deadline 7 February 2022
Sponsored and supported by
The Innovation and Technology Commission and HSBC
Organized by HKFYG Creative Education Unit
More details and apply click here
Enquiries Ken Li 2561 6149

Spread the "Run 21" Spirit
12 youth runners successfully challenged their limits and finished the journey of 124km in 21 hours on
4 December 2021 with all of your encouragement
Raising funds for the Federation's youth sports development to provide more sports opportunities for the disadvantaged youths in Hong Kong
Diamond Sponsor Tam Wing Kun Holdings Ltd.
Video highlight click here
Extend your recognition for their sweat and tears here
Enquiries Chelsea Lee 3755 7104