Daring to Dream…

The Pandemic has not only had a devasting impact on the health and wellbeing of people, but it has also severely impacted the employment and employability of young people. There is still a way for young people to dream about economic sustainability.

With generous support from The Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged and King's Flair Development Limited, the Federation is launching the Dare to Dream - Young Startup Support Scheme. This Scheme, in partnership with industry and business, offers not only a series of business training workshops, business execution plans and entrepreneurial skills transfers to participants, but also a maximum of HK$50,000 as one-off seed money to those who qualify.  

This is part of the Federation's commitment to encourage young people to be innovative and resourceful. Through this programme, the young entrepreneurs-to-be will receive professional help in areas such as, startup brand building, financial planning, strategic digital marketing, business pitching and more. Upon completion of the trainings, participants will be matched with mentors who will provide professional advice for their business plans and assist in ironing out the wrinkles.  Shortlisted participants will receive the seed funding to kick-start their business plans in the last stage of the programme, along with one-year regular guidance and support.

Young people aged between 18 and 35, especially those from low-income families, the recently unemployed, or those with special education needs, are encouraged to take advantage of this startup programme.

Dreams are for everyone. Come and join us in helping the young dare to dream!

Application deadlines 21 January, 15 February and 21 March 2022 
Organized by HKFYG Social Innovation and Youth Business Unit
More details bit.ly/3GA6vCP
Enquiries May Lee 3595 0945

Anti-Drug on the Go Promotes a Drug Free Life
Aims at helping the public to understand drug harms and say "No" to drugs with the aid of a dedicated vehicle touring around different public places and schools
Activities include mobile exhibitions with AR educational game, interactive games and anti-drug self-evaluation
Targets students and families
Period December 2021 to
January 2022 
Funded by The Narcotics Division of Security Bureau
Organized by HKFYG Sai Kung and Wong Tai Sin Outreaching Social Work Team
Click here to get the tour schedule or make arrangement
Enquiries Arthur Leung 2701 8866

Final Call: The HKFYG "Easy Volunteer" Volunteer Service Award 2021
The Award is now calling for nomination entries to recognize the outstanding achievement of the individual and corporate volunteers in 2021. 
Award categories
●  Individual Volunteer Awards
●  Organization Volunteer Awards
●  Continuous Service Award
●  Outstanding Thematic Volunteer Award for Sustainability/ Online/ Wellness/ Sports Services
Click here to enroll before 24 January 2022 and get recognized!
Enquiries Cinder Sin 3755 7221

Crowdfunding for Neighbourhood First Reunion Lunch 2022
Aims at raising funds for the annual flagship event "Neighbourhood First Reunion Lunch" and send out 2,000 "Reunion Packs" to families and elderly in need
Inside the Reunion Pack
a vacuumed 'poon choi' pack,
a new year rice cake, noodles and
anti-epidemic supplies, etc.
Donation options
●  Donate HK$338 to benefit 1 deprived family with a thank you note on event website
●  Donate HK$3,380 to benefit 10 deprived families with an additional certificate of appreciation
Click here to donate and send best new year wishes to people in need!
Enquiries Kee Chow 2325 2383

HKFYG Organic Farm New Year Cakes are Now Available!
This year, the Federation has prepared the Organic Daikon Cake and the Coconut Glutinous Cake for you to celebrate a sweet and warm Chinese New Year. "Wishes for Good Hamper" is also available for season's greetings at any occasion. 
Visit website for the best offer now!
Enquiries Izzi Pang 2838 4808