Advancing Women's Leadership

Women have always been the primary supporting force of the family, society and even the nation. Undaunted by the myriad of responsibilities, women have continued to forge forth, demonstrating their strengths and abilities as they strive towards meeting their aspirations.

In order to assist in their professional endeavours, the HKFYG Leadership Institute is co-organizing Hang Lung Future Women Leaders Program with Hang Lung Properties. This brand-new community investment project will be launched between Hong Kong and the Mainland to facilitate women's development and to further promote diversity and inclusion, for the well-being of the community.

In order to unleash the potential of next generation of women and prepare them to be future leaders who bring change to the world, the philosophy of the project is "Learning to Lead, Leading to Change", offering extensive opportunities for 100 female universities students who will participate in a Women's Leadership Forum, a multidimensional leadership training course, inspirational talks by elite women leaders from Hong Kong and the Mainland, as well as a six-month mentorship. They will also have to work on a community project with their mentor. Outstanding students in this program will be offered a two-month internship at Hang Lung Properties or its partnering companies.

Young female students currently undertaking a full-time program at universities in Hong Kong, especially those who have the passion to serve the community, have demonstrated good conduct and outstanding academic/extracurricular performances and are either current or former holders of leadership positions, are encouraged to take advantage of this leadership program.

We welcome young female leaders come together to learn, grow, connect and empower. Apply now or recommend to those who are the potential future leaders!

Application deadline 12 October 2022
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Enquiries Angie Ho 2169 0255

#WYWT - What You Wear Tomorrow - Fashion Show: Showcasing Youth's Creativity
Aims at encouraging more of the young generation to stay true in life, also unleashing the teenagers' creative potential and enhance their self-confidence
Activities 20 teenagers from vulnerable and challenging backgrounds teamed up with 76 PolyU students to co-design 20 fashion collection and complete a fashion runway
Co-organized by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Fashion and Textiles and HKFYG Youth Crime Prevention Centre
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Enquiries Bob Lee 3755 7078

Rebuilding Tourism for the Future - Hong Kong Young Ambassadors Are On Board Now!
Aims at promoting hospitality and diversified tourism features to locals and visitors all over the world with hospitable ambassadors representing Hong Kong through special voluntary services 
Activities the ambassadors will be providing stationing services at the tourist attractions, assisting in festive music shows, tour guiding at heritages and more…
Period 2022-2023
Funded and organized by The Tourism Commission
Co-organized by HKFYG Youth Exchange Unit
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Enquiries Gigi Lee 3586 8458

Join Young Writers Programme 2022-2023 and Get a Chance to Publish Your First Book
Aims at nurturing youth's interest in writing and providing a platform for the talented young writers to publish their first book
Reward the Federation will provide full or partial subsidy to the shortlisted young writer for the book publishing and selling at the Hong Kong Book Fair 2023 and bookstores
Target youth aged 35 or below
Organized by HKFYG Professional Publications Unit
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Enquiries Ada Chau 3755 7108


Effectively Supporting SEN Secondary Students with e-Learning: Youth I.D.E.A.S. think tank report No. 67
Key findings
●  More than half of the respondents could not concentrate during e-learning at home and their school performance was falling behind 
●  47% of the respondents expressed that there was lack of support when they were e-learning at home
●  The interviewed teachers highlighted that SEN students encountered problems in concentrating in e-class (73.8%), interactions with peers (70.5%) and understanding the lesson (67.2%)
Major recommendations
●  The Education Bureau should establish an "Inclusive Learning Development Fund" to encourage I&T companies to adopt advanced and innovative solutions on developing learning kits for SEN students 
●  The Bureau should invite multiple sectors to co-create a learning platform, in order to provide the most updated resources for the SEN students and families
●  The schools should offer more make-up classes and counselling to the SEN students for overcoming the learning barriers
Respondents 209 junior secondary students with special educational needs and 61 secondary teachers who in-charge of SEN programme at school
Case interview 16 SEN junior secondary students and 10 education experts
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Enquiries Chan Shui-ching 3755 7040