Mental Health Support and Care for All

No one would deny what an impact the persistent epidemic has had on the community. The area in which this was most acutely felt has no doubt been on the mental wellbeing of people. How do we address this troubling issue?
With support from the Mental Health Initiatives Funding Scheme initiated by the Health Bureau, the Federation is launching two projects, targeted at providing better mental health support to people in need in the community and raising public awareness of mental health.
The first is "Good Go Chat" Digital Supportive Scheme, a 24-month programme which aims to build up the self-awareness and knowledge on mental wellness among the elderly through digital platforms. In this programme, 100 youth will be trained to be community "Digital Connectors" to enhance IT support for the elderly and improve their digital literacy. An online social network will be created to bring the youth and elderly together through group chats and mini games, in order to assist the elderlies' social life as well through technology. 
The second programme focuses particularly on young carers through the Recharge Uself - Early Identification and Intervention for Young Carers Programme. Filling a service gap for youth aged 18 to 35 who take care of their family members, this programme includes identification and referral networks, a one-stop hub for screening, triaging and service referrals, guided self-help support, experiential healing workshops and more. It is expected that the participants will have better self-care competence and mental well-being after joining the programme, thus helping to alleviate their daily pressures and stress. 
Supporting young people to help themselves and others, that is what the Federation is committed to. Join us in this essential and often under-focused service. Together we can all make a difference. 
"Good Go Chat" : Gloria Li 2706 2638 at HKFYG Felix Wong Youth S.P.O.T. 
"Recharge Uself" : Sandy Ma 3755 7021 at Wellness PLUS

Time for Music and Arts - RESTPIRATION is back!
Aims to promote the concepts of Rest, Respire and Inspire among the younger generation, help the participants release their stress and get recharged with music and arts
Activities include pop-music, band shows, modern dance, sand drawing and harmonica performance
Format live performance and real-time streaming on Facebook and YouTube
Date and time 4 October 2022
5pm - 7pm
Venue MacPherson Stadium
Funded by
The Hong Kong Jockey Club
Organized by
HKFYG Cultural Services Unit
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Enquiries Michelle Ho 2395 5753

Learn to Negotiate Effectively with Chamber Debate Club
Aims to enhance young people's communication and analytical skills, as well as broaden their horizons
Activities a series of professional debate training with reference to the World Schools Debate Championship style and the Annual Chamber Debate (Community Event)
Target S3-S5 students
Funded by The Standing Committee on Language Education and Research 
Organized by HKFYG Leadership Institute
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Enquiries Maggie Mak 2169 0255

Sir David Trench Fund for Recreation Supports HKFYG Projects
Supporting HKFYG's Tsuen Wan Youth S.P.O.T. and Leadership Institute to purchase equipment for recreational and sporting related projects, including bouldering and outdoor adventure activities
Enquiries Judith Lee 3755 7101

Conference on Youth Crime Prevention: A Roadmap for the Future
Aims to provide a platform connecting experts and scholars for multi-disciplinary collaboration to tackle various aspects of youth crime with forward-looking strategies
Keynote Speech and Featured Panels
●  Youth Crime and Innovations in Intervention
●  Blockchain and Cyber Crime in the Metaverse
●  Potential Youth Crimes in the Era of New Normal
Date and time 17 November 2022 9:30am - 5pm
Organized by HKFYG Youth Crime Prevention Centre
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Enquiries Wako Hui 2487 6151


Recalibrating Youth Engagement: Youth Hong Kong magazine No 14.3 September 2022
In this issue we talked to the youth and understand their thoughts on how they could contribute to the society and let them develop a sense of ownership in what they are doing
Read online at
Advertising, requests and enquiries Ada Chau 3755 7108