M21 New Media Festival 2019 Partners List

Participating Institutions

  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Journalism and Communication
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies
  • Hong Kong Baptist University School of Communication
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design
  • The Open University of Hong Kong School of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Hong Kong Shue Yan University
  • Hong Kong Design Institute
  • Hotel and Tourism Institute
  • Chinese Culinary Institute
  • International Culinary Institute


Supporting Organizations

  • Da-Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Co Ltd
  • Hong Kong Esports Ltd
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of Computing
  • Pokeguide Ltd
  • Pomato Ltd
  • Neeuro Ltd
  • Wavyos Technologies Co Ltd
  • Oursky Ltd
  • VR Educate
  • VS Media Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong 3D Printing Association
  • ASK Idea Education Co Ltd


(Listed in no particular order)