Various donation methods

Ways to give back   Ways to give hope:

Please click here to download a donation form



Crossed cheques, payable to The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
with a completed donation form should be mailed to:

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Partnership and Resource Development Office

21/F, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building

Pak Fuk Road, North Point


Credit card (Visa or MasterCard)

for one-off and monthly donations. Please use the donation form post it to the address above,

scan and send it by email (, or fax it to 3755 7155.


Direct transfer

to Hang Seng Bank

(i) Account name: The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

(ii) Account number: 773-027743-001

Please send pay-in slip with completed donation form to address above,

scan and send it by email (, or fax it to 3755 7155.


Octopus In-app Donation

Open the Octopus app and donate via one of the methods below:


Method 1

1. Press “Marketplace” on the Homepage > Choose the organization “The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups” > Choose the Donation Type you prefer

2. Input donation amount, then click “Donate”, and choose payment by Octopus / O! ePay / Octopus Mobile SIM

3. You can turn on “Require Donation Receipt” and input required information to request for a Donation Receipt. If you have an O! ePay Plus or O! ePay Pro account, you can press the “Auto-Complete” button to finish this step


Method 2 (O! ePay users only)

1. Scan the QR Code below > Input donation amount > Put down the designated use of donation if any in the blank of “Remarks”

2. To receive a donation receipt (for donation at HK$100 or above), please send us the screenshot of the transaction record with the completed donation form by fax, email or mail


Donation box

Place a Federation donation box on your counter for us so that
passers-by can drop in spare change.



Charitable bequests from individuals to the Federation are caring investments in Hong Kong’s young people. You can designate a specific amount or part of the estate to us in your will, or donate specific assets (such as stocks, bonds, properties) to us. Call Brenda tel 3755 7101, to discuss.


Policy Donation Programme

You may name HKFYG as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy and donate the entire or a percentage of the sum insured to the Federation (e.g.: xx% family member and xx% HKFYG) in helping young people.


Please include the following information for “Policy Donation Programme”:
Organization: The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
Address: 21/F, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building, 21 Pak Fuk Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Registration No.: 22448


For details, please visit the website of “LifeCare Movement”
Please fill out the letter of notification and send a copy via email (, or fax it to 3755 7155 for our record.
Please contact Brenda tel 3755 7101 or your insurance consultant directly for further questions.


Matching contributions (organizations and companies)

Motivate your staff to give by offering matching donations.

Budget $10,000 to match staff donations of $10,000 or

donate $1 for every staff contribution of $2.



Registered users of PPS can donate to the Federation via a tone phone or the internet.

The merchant code for the Federation is 9345.


Internet Banking

Under “Charity Donation”, please select

“The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups”

as the beneficiary organisation.

Input your 8-digit telephone number as the Bill Payee Account Number.


OR Hang Seng Bank Under “Bill Payment”, please select “e-Donation”

and then select “The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups “

as the beneficiary organisation.


To receive an official receipt, please print out the Bill Payment acknowledgement slip after the transaction and send it to us by email, mail or fax, together with the completed donation form.


American Express (AE) Membership Rewards Programme

The HKFYG has recently been added to the American Express Membership Rewards catalogue.

AE credit card holders can now redeem their points for a donation that will support our services.

Please refer to American Express’s website for details.
(tax deductible official receipt is not available)

Please call Brenda Yip in Partnership to discuss any of these methods of donating, tel 3755 7101.

Donations of HK$100 and above are tax-deductible. Remember to give us your name and address and we’ll send a receipt.